Friday, April 1, 2011

A Year Later

Here it is, exactly a year later.  It took me a long time to finally start writing again after the eHow disaster.  I had eventually joined hubpages, textbroker, bukisa, and infobarrel.  I never wrote anything for hubpages.  I guess it was just too weird being a new site and everything.  Then, textbroker pays per article written.  The more I thought about that, I really did not want to sell articles for a dollar or two.  I knew that my articles were certainly worth more money than that.  I haven't written anything there yet, either.

I actually joined Bukisa and wrote two articles.  I guess I figured I would let them simmer.  I found it best to just wait and see if they would make any money.  I did make a little money on them.  Bukisa had a referral program, too, so I had about 12 people join under me.  I made a few cents from them writing, too.

At Infobarrel, I wrote five articles.  I have not made hardly anything on them.  It is only about 65 cents so far that I have earned between Bukisa and Infobarrel, now that Bukisa and Infobarrel both use google adsense.  Bukisa wasn't using google adsense when I joined, but they are now.  I earned more money there, about $5, before they switched.  I could have written more, but I was still 'testing the waters'.  It was really hard even just thinking about getting started all over again and deciding where to do this.

Here are the articles that I wrote on Bukisa:

How to Check on Your State Income Tax Refund Status
How to Begin a Career Making Money By Writing Online

Here are the articles that I wrote on Infobarrel:

How to Prepare for a Job Interview
How to Stick With That Minimum Wage Job and Be Proud
What You Should Know About Weight Loss to Make Life and Losing Weight Alot Easier
Creating Your Bucket List
How to Find Ways to Save Money When You Don't Think You Have Any Money to Save

I did not expect that starting all over again would be easy.  I just went slow, one step at a time.

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