Saturday, April 2, 2011

Follow Me on My Journey From Rags to Riches Working at Home

Just in case anyone is reading this and does not understand what it is all about, I am not one of those filthy rich people who is trying to get someone to join my new scheme by paying for my book, earning money tips, or whatever.  I am only trying to work my way up in the work at home business while blogging my trials and errors.  I have mentioned how I started, what I have gone through so far, and where I have written articles on the internet.  If there is any way that I can help people by starting and maintaining a blog, that would be truly awesome.  You can follow me on my journey from rags to riches and hopefully find something in here that will help you out somewhere in your life and journey to work at home and earn money.

Earning money by working at home is real.  Many people around the world are doing this every single day.  Residual income is real, and I am earning that right now.

Today's post is about what I am doing now.  I am writing articles on List My Five.  List My Five is a fairly new website where anyone can write online and get paid for it.  I am not earning much money there, but I am also new.  I have been writing on List My Five for about a month and 1/2.  I have earned almost $10.  I know that is not much money, but it is usually quite slow getting started at any new site. 

When I was writing for the online website called eHow, I made over $100 in my first month.  It all depends on whether or not your articles are attracting many people.  Anyone can write articles online and get paid for it, though.  You just need to be self-motivated and have patience while writing articles and waiting for your money to start coming in.

Here are some of the articles that I have written for List My Five.  You will see that there really is not much to them, but once they are up there on the internet, they will earn money and continue to earn income on down the road.  This work at home opportunity depends mostly on making money on down the road.  Patience is extremely important.  Without patience, you will not go far.

The Top Five Ways to Survive As a Single Mom
The Top Five Reasons to Review Your Love Life
The Top Five Exercises You Can Do With Little Effort and No Equipment
The Top Five Rewards to Give Your Child
The Top Five Reasons to Buy and Own a Timeshare

Feel free to read and share these articles with your family and friends.  Surely, you can see that there really is not much to writing articles online and that anyone can do it.

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