Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My First Article on Factoidz

I did it!  I wrote my very first article on Factoidz.  I was really nervous about this, because it is a new site for me.  Different sites have different rules and different ways of writing.  I was a little worried about having to make my article at least 400 words, especially since I don't have a word counter.  After clicking on the button to publish my article, I was told that my article could be denied for not being at least 400 words.

So I copied and pasted it into the writing platform on List My Five, and I was thrilled to find out afterwards that it was over 600 words.  Boy, was I nervous, though.  Another thing is that I was told that you can actually see the number of words when you click to preview the article before you click to have it published.  At least I know that now.

I am so excited that I am trying out this new site.  It is pretty scary too, though.  You don't just publish articles on Factoidz like you do on List My Five.  My article will not be published until it is reviewed, and hopefully, it will be accepted.  All I can do now is wait.

I wrote about writing online to make money.  If my article gets turned down, I can always just publish it on List My Five.  I am so eager to see what happens and if Factoidz really does pay more money as I have heard.

If interested, Click here to Join Factoidz!

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