Thursday, March 31, 2011

Writing For eHow Was Awesome Until They Exploded

I was on the right path.  Writing online for eHow was awesome!  I had really gotten into that.  I was proudly publishing an average of 3 articles a day.  I worked really hard writing article after article.  That only lasted for 2 1/2 months, though.  On April Fool's Day of 2010, the writers for eHow had all received emails stating how eHow was changing their writing platform.  Those writers that were good enough could stay and write online for Demand Studios, and the others could no longer write for them.

I totally would have been accepted into this new Demand Studio thing until eHow suddenly removed 41 of my articles calling them clones and outdated.  By publishing 106 articles and having 41 suddenly removed, this gave my writing online a very low percentage for my writing talents.  These articles were not outdated or cloned.  I had written articles on how to find your state income tax refund status for each state for 2009.  There were many articles that may have seemed alike, but they weren't.  Also, the 2009 state taxes were not even due yet.

My dreams were suddenly crushed.  At first I thought it was an April Fool's Day joke.  It was real, though.  Most of the eHow writers could no longer write.  At least they could not write on eHow any more.  Many of these online writers found new places to write online while others just plain quit and left their dreams behind.  I call it the day eHow exploded.

I was too shaken and upset to find somewhere else to make money by writing articles online.  This whole thing was horrible.  It was a disaster.  I had eventually applied to write for the Examiner, but I was also turned down there.  Maybe I really was a bad writer.  I sulked for awhile, and did nothing.

Here are some of the articles I wrote on eHow:

How to Celebrate Life and Enjoy Every Moment
How to Deal With the Agony of Divorce
How to Get a Military Discount Shopping at Lowe's Everyday
How to Get Over the Fear of Turning 50
How to Get Over the Fear of Having a Colonoscopy

Although I can not write for eHow anymore, I am still earning good money there.  I have earned over $300 from eHow this year, and I haven't written for them in a year.  I truly do Still Love and Respect Ehow for all I have learned and earned from them.


  1. When Ehow shut down it was a terrible thing for me too :( At least we are still earning :)

  2. What do you think of eHow offering to buy our articles or delete them all? They have closed the WCP. No more pay from eHow is a tough thing to hear.

  3. As horrible as the whole eHow explosion was, I am still grateful that eHow didn't just delete all of our articles back when they made their switch to DS. I also appreciate the fact that they gave us just over a year to still earn money.

    It's sad, but we all knew eHow would end someday. Nobody knew just when that day would come, though. I think it's great that eHow offered to buy our articles instead of just deleting them all on their own when they closed their WCP.

    I shouldn't have, but I sold mine. They would have earned way more than that over time, but one lump payout was nice. Besides, we can always write more!

    Did you sell?

  4. Demand cut out the money being paid by eHow. They now offer authors who have great articles a total sum of money and bought out all of their articles. They paid me $900.00 for my articles. They paid some members more.

    I cannot claim ownership of any and no longer get paid from them. The same was giving to other writers that I know.