Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Striving to Publish an Article on Factoidz

Here is the deal.  My first article that I wrote for Factoidz was rejected.  They took 3 or 4 days to finally review it.  Then they said it was duplicated content.  I never saw my article again.  Factoidz just trashed it.  It sure is a good thing that I had made a copy of it before submitting it.  At least I put it to good use.  I published it on List My Five instead.

Then I wrote another article.  My second article was returned to me overnight.  Factoidz returned my second article saying that I had to edit it before submitting it.  They did not even say what was wrong with it.  So, I changed a few things.  I changed some of the wording, added some things, got rid of some things, and I think I even added a word or two in the title.

Now I am very nervous about this whole thing.  Maybe I should have waited and asked someone if they could figure out what was wrong with my new article.  I figured, though, if I can't write an article on my own that is good enough for Factoidz, I just don't belong there.

Writing online is definitely not that hard.  Don't get me wrong if you have never written online.  It is really easy!  I would never want to scare anyone out of writing online with my horror stories.  Factoidz is a little rougher on their writers, though.  They expect their writers to be professional.  LOL  I do not consider myself a professional writer.  I just sit down and write.

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