Monday, April 25, 2011

Excitement Grows Again!

Thank you so much!  I got a comment yesterday that really hit me in a good way.  You know, this IS my way of thinking.  That is why I find writing so easy to do.  It's funny, but I always think about how people who never wrote anything might be thinking that they have nothing to write about and I wish that I could tell them that they do.  Everyone knows something, and no matter how stupid you may think that it is, or if it is already common knowledge, it isn't!  Not to everyone.

 Anyway, my problem was that if Factoidz rejected my article for being duplicate content, then what can I write about?!  I didn't duplicate anything.  I just sat down, wrote, and submitted it.  I came up with another article today.  It is something that I have never wrote about before, so I really do not see how they can possible reject this one for being duplicate content.  It will either pass or not be good enough for them.

I am so excited!  LOL  I can't hardly wait to see if my 2nd article will be accepted!  Their review will probably take 3 or 4 days.  I have a long wait ahead of me.  If Factoids rejects this article, I can always do like I did before and put it up on List My Five.

Does anyone here really care?  If you would like to know what I chose to write about for my 2nd article on Factoidz, just let me know.  Otherwise, I will keep you all in suspense.  :D

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Quack and Quill said...
What is it they always say? Write about what you know! The trick is, valuing your own knowledge. You no doubt know things you don't realize other people DON'T! Good luck! 

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