Saturday, April 23, 2011

New Thoughts on Writing Online Along With an Important Reminder

I guess this would be called 'bouncing back' after yesterday's fiasco.  OK, so I had my first article on Factoidz rejected, stolen, and if that was not enough, I was also slapped with a warning for submitting 'duplicate content' on my own article which I had written word by word, all on my own.  That was pretty awful, but life goes on.  It is not quitting time just yet, and I don't plan on ever quitting, anyway.  Life is full of ups and downs, and so is anyone's journey from rags to riches working at home.

We all need to learn from our mistakes.  Even as children, we had to learn from our mistakes, and this never changes.  We need to find out what we did wrong, and just continue on from there.  Anyway, a great lesson that I learned from my Factoidz experience is that it really IS important to make backup copies of your work.  I never even considered for a second that Factoidz would trash my article.  I mean, come on, either accept it or reject it, don't haul off and steal it.  That was MY article written from my heart with MY knowledge.

I have thought about this all night.  What I am thinking today, which is my new plan, is why not try writing an article right on my blog.  I have a blog.  Why not use it?  Why do writers need writing sites anyway?  Does anyone really need to join a writing site?  What exactly does a writing site do for writers, keep at least half of their income?  Do writing sites generate readers or are all writers generating their own viewers by the titles that they choose along with their quality of writings, and promoting their own works?

This is really something to think about.  When I search for information on the internet, I am not searching for any particular writing site.  I am searching for a particular product, a review, or particular information.  Many times, my search brings me to someone's blog, and I don't hesitate to go there.  Hey, if they have what I am looking for, that is all I need.

Maybe I should write an article about this!  LOL  Once I post this, apparently any article that I would write would be considered 'duplicate content'.  Well, on Factoidz, anyway.

I certainly hope that I haven't shot down anyone's ideas of writing online to earn money by working at home.  Anyone with any kind of desire to get started writing online should do just that.  It is free to get started, and all it takes is your own free time.  At this point, I would probably suggest either writing for List My Five or even just starting your own blog.

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