Thursday, March 31, 2011

Writing For eHow Was Awesome Until They Exploded

I was on the right path.  Writing online for eHow was awesome!  I had really gotten into that.  I was proudly publishing an average of 3 articles a day.  I worked really hard writing article after article.  That only lasted for 2 1/2 months, though.  On April Fool's Day of 2010, the writers for eHow had all received emails stating how eHow was changing their writing platform.  Those writers that were good enough could stay and write online for Demand Studios, and the others could no longer write for them.

I totally would have been accepted into this new Demand Studio thing until eHow suddenly removed 41 of my articles calling them clones and outdated.  By publishing 106 articles and having 41 suddenly removed, this gave my writing online a very low percentage for my writing talents.  These articles were not outdated or cloned.  I had written articles on how to find your state income tax refund status for each state for 2009.  There were many articles that may have seemed alike, but they weren't.  Also, the 2009 state taxes were not even due yet.

My dreams were suddenly crushed.  At first I thought it was an April Fool's Day joke.  It was real, though.  Most of the eHow writers could no longer write.  At least they could not write on eHow any more.  Many of these online writers found new places to write online while others just plain quit and left their dreams behind.  I call it the day eHow exploded.

I was too shaken and upset to find somewhere else to make money by writing articles online.  This whole thing was horrible.  It was a disaster.  I had eventually applied to write for the Examiner, but I was also turned down there.  Maybe I really was a bad writer.  I sulked for awhile, and did nothing.

Here are some of the articles I wrote on eHow:

How to Celebrate Life and Enjoy Every Moment
How to Deal With the Agony of Divorce
How to Get a Military Discount Shopping at Lowe's Everyday
How to Get Over the Fear of Turning 50
How to Get Over the Fear of Having a Colonoscopy

Although I can not write for eHow anymore, I am still earning good money there.  I have earned over $300 from eHow this year, and I haven't written for them in a year.  I truly do Still Love and Respect Ehow for all I have learned and earned from them.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Reason For the Title of My Blog

The reason for the title of my blog is that eventually, after trying all of these work at home opportunities and squandering all of my hard earned money on these so called jobs that had failed, I had come to the decision that I would never try another work at home job ever again.  It was just too costly, and it took up too much of my time anyway.  Having 5 children and barely being able to make ends meet, I knew that I could not afford to try any more work at home job opportunities.  Although it seemed to be the end for my work at home dreams, I had never stopped thinking about it, and I had never stopped dreaming.  I ended up working 3rd shift for many years just so I could be at home with my children.  That was really rough trying to be up all night working while also being up all day and being there for the kids.  Working 3rd shift really wore me out.

After many years of 'knowing' that I would never be able to make my dream come true, I watched 2 of my daughters get jobs where they were working at home.  They both worked for ChaCha.  They worked on their computers and got paid for answering questions when people texted ChaCha for answers.  I tried to do this myself, but I failed their test.

One of my daughters came to me one day.  She knew how I felt about working at home to earn money.  She was always offering suggestions of which nothing was ever anything that I would even consider getting into after all that I had already been through.  Anyway, she asked me why I don't just write articles online.  She told me that she had joined a website called eHow a few months back and written a couple of 'How to' articles.  She had never continued this, but she was earning a few cents on there.

Boy was I ecstatic!  I had never heard of this before.  I could not believe that it was possible for anyone to write articles online and get paid for it!  I was also quite scared.  After all, I didn't know how to write 'How to' articles.  I didn't know anything that I could write about.  There was no way that I could be helping others by writing articles.  Yet, on the other hand, if she could earn a few cents with a couple of articles, maybe it was possible that I could write many articles online and make some real money.

It was free to join, and you could not be turned down.  This is when it hit me.  I was off and running.  Rags to Riches Working at Home.  Do it or die.  You had to earn at least $10 to get paid, and I figured that I would eventually be able to earn $10, so I started writing online at eHow.

This was the best thing that had ever happened to me in my entire life.  I will always be grateful to my daughter for suggesting writing online to earn an income by working at home.  I put my all into my writings for 2 1/2 months.  Everyone thought that I had gone crazy, except for my daughter.  All of this hard work did payoff.  I earned over $100 writing on eHow in my first month.  You should have seen me dancing around the house when I saw that I had made my first penny!

I'll have to continue this with another post, starting with the reason why I only wrote on eHow for 2 1/2 months since it was such an awesome way to earn money by working at home and I so truly enjoyed it.  I think this post is already long enough.

Here are the first few articles I wrote on eHow:
How to Not Run Out of Money Before Your Next Paycheck
How to Play the Game of Life at Rite Aid
How to Rid Your Home of Junk Mail
How to Get Started Making Money By Working at Home
How to Find Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

The second article is the one that has really changed my life forever.  I really felt stupid publishing that, too.  I thought it was too dumb and I should have deleted it instead.  I still thank God daily that I didn't delete it!

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Work at Home Jobs That Have Failed to Earn Money

As a child, I had already begun trying to earn money by working at home.  I tried selling Avon.  That did not turn out very well.  I never sold much except for the things that I bought.  I had a few regular customers, but either way, that is not really working at home.  Well, it was not back then.  I had to go door to door leaving Avon books.  Now, it appears you can sell Avon right online.  Many people are finding this to be a great job for working at home and earning some extra money.  Personally, I am done with selling Avon.

I have also tried many other sales companies where you try to get others to join under you.  I have never got anyone interested enough to do the same thing.  I have tried Changes, Melaluca, and a few others.  All of these earning opportunities require a start-up fee, etc.  I am also done with the various work at home sales companies.  They have always earned me very little money, if any.

Then of course, there are all of the offers that people receive in the mail.  I have tried many of those ways to earn money by working at home.  None of them have worked either.  Envelope stuffing, everyone sending each other one dollar, etc.  Seriously, do not expect anyone to be sending you any dollars.  You know though, I did make one dollar doing that.

For anyone who may be interested in earning money by working at home, these are just a few of the jobs that I would suggest for you not to bother trying.  My father told me that he had tried working at home before, too, and he always told me that it was a waste of time and never to get into trying it.  I guess I figured that it was just him, but I could do it.  Surely, I was more motivated than him.

Although I do not remember this, my own father must have squandered a good deal of money out to work at home and earn money, too.  My suggestion for anyone looking to work at home would be to find something that does not cost you any money to start, not even one penny.

I could go on and on about how I did not make any money with any of my previous ventures, but let me just tell you that writing is an awesome way to earn money by working at home.  It does not cost you anything to start, and it is a very slow start for most, too.  It really does not matter about earning money right away.

My advice would be to just find an online site to join, and start writing.  Many people have been and still are making great amounts of money by writing online.  The only investment needed is your time.

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Monday, March 28, 2011

Rags to Riches Working at Home

Well, here I am.  I have wanted to create a blog forever.  I am really scared right now, because I have no idea what to do.  I guess I will just go with the flow, and if anyone ever wants to find out how I went from rags to riches by working at home, they can see all of my steps, ups and downs, etc. from all of my postings.

Once I have posted this very first posting ever on a blog, I guess I will get started with explaining my trials and errors of working at home.  I have tried to make money through many work at home opportunities, none of which were any real money makers.  All they did was to suck up all of the little money that I had to begin with.

As I am typing this, I am wondering what labels are.  LOL  I probably have alot to learn, but that is fine.  I think this blogging thing will be fun.

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