Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Expired Coupons

For the last year or 2, I was doing very well going from rags to riches just by using coupons.  My life had become so much better with each and every coupon that I used.  I had tried various work at home opportunities, and using coupons was where I had found the most money.

I was using coupons for just about anything that I bought...  at the grocery store, pharmacy, dining out, and much more.  The biggest deal for me was that my closest grocery store had been accepting expired coupons.  That was really great!  I never had to worry which coupons had expired and which coupons were good, because they were ALL good there.

Just today, I went to my favorite grocery store which is called Tops and is located in the D & L Plaza on Broadway in Depew.  They had signs at all the registers stating that they will no longer be accepting expired coupons.  There were other rules which were new, too.  They will no longer be doubling any more than 4 coupons for any particular product per bonus card per day.

I really don't know what is happening here.  I think the manufacturers may be cracking down on the stores or something.  This old policy of accepting expired coupons had been a great scam and a great way to get more loyal customers.  Tops on Broadway in the D & L Plaza in Depew is really not that far away from Walmart, Wegmans, or Target.  Personally, Tops is really not that low with their prices, either.  Walmart, Wegmans, and Target all have many grocery items that are lower priced.

I didn't mind Tops higher prices at all.  I just waited for sales, and then I used my coupons even if they had already expired.  I was extremely happy shopping at Tops on Broadway in the D & L Plaza in Depew.  Now, myself, along with many others who depend on using coupons to better their lives, will all need to begin looking for other stores to shop at. 

The stores are already there, and the sales are already there.  We will just have to learn to shop with coupons that are not expired again.  This should not be any huge problem.  After all, it is how we all used to shop.  If we want to continue saving money, though, Tops is just not going to be the right place to do that anymore.

There already is enough competition, and IF ALL of us people who have been shopping at Tops in Depew using our expired coupons will ALL boycott Tops, there is an extremely slight chance that Tops will eventually need to lower their prices throughout their store.

Otherwise, we can ALL find better deals and better prices elsewhere.  It really upsets me to need to post this information about using expired coupons along with the new coupon use policy at Tops on Broadway in the D & L Plaza, because I have been a loyal customer for many, many years, and I thought that I would be a loyal customer forever, but Tops is changing their coupon policy, not me.