Monday, May 30, 2011


I really enjoy having my own blog.  I never thought I could do this.  I always thought that you had to know stuff to start blogging, but it is easy enough for anyone to do.  You can be professional, be yourself, or whatever.  You can blog about things you know, or even learn about things to blog about.  It all just depends on what your interests are.

I was really scared when I started this blog, but then I started two more blogs shortly afterwards.  Maybe someday these blogs will earn money, but either way, I am enjoying my new experience.  I probably should post more often.  LOL  That might bring in some new readers. 

Well, that's why I am posting now.  It has been awhile since I wrote anything in this blog.  I know people are reading it.  They are probably looking for ways to earn money by working at home.  I am in such a slump right now, though.  It is hard to think about what to try next.  I really enjoy writing articles online, but LM5 (ListMyFive) just isn't working out right now.  I have only earned $4.44 so far this month with 153 articles.  That is pretty low earnings. 

For now, I am trying to at least write a few articles on List My Five each month, stay on the leader board, and stay on the featured member board.  So far, that is going well.  It is kind of sick how easy it is to get on the leader board and to be a featured member, though.  LOL  There really is not much competition on LM5...

Oh well...  I am off to think...  Think, think, think...  I know something really great is out there, and I AM going to find it!  There are many people who work at home and earn really great money.  I plan on being one of those people, and letting you all know how to do it, too.  I will post again soon.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Lindt RSVP Chocolate Thing...

I don't think I am going to do the Lindt RSVP chocolate thing.  It sounds pretty interesting, but it costs $49 to start.  It's not that I don't have the money, it's just that I decided back when I learned that you can earn money online with no investment that I would only do things from now on that are FREE.  I think that I have already spent enough money for getting into things that I thought would be worth it.  Many of those work at home ventures were fun, though, and the Lindt RSVP kit is certainly worth it, too. 

 I would be having my own Lindt RSVP chocolate parties, have my own website, earn money from people I get to join, etc.  That would probably mean just selling to family, anyway.  hehe

I think I'll just put that whole Lindt chocolate thing on the back burner for now.  Maybe I should just eat some chocolate and write some more articles online instead.  It's free!

Monday, May 16, 2011


No, I still haven't written another article for factoidz yet.  LOL  I know.  I said I would try one more time.  It is on my 'to do' list.  Meanwhile though, I did make the Leader Board again on LM5.  That was first on my list anyway. 

I also joined another writing site.  I haven't written anything there yet, either.  The site is called skyword, and I had to apply to prove myself worthy to write there.  I was accepted.  The problem there is that I had joined the health and beauty section which means that is all I can write about.  The only topics available seem to be beauty topics.  I don't know anything about beauty!  Maybe after posting this, I will go see if any topics have come up for health.  I could write about health easy enough.

Then, there is this other writing site I have been looking into.  It's called seekyt.  I don't know...  LOL  What kind of name is that?!  This online writing site works along with google adsense.  That means I would need to earn at least $100 before getting paid.  I don't know if I will ever earn $100, so it is not all that appealing to me right now.  I almost joined, and I probably will.  I guess it can't hurt.

Also, after posting on my other two blogs, I noticed the same ad on each blog right under my new posts.  This ad was for chocolate lovers.  I couldn't resist.  I went directly to their site, read it over a bit, and signed up to be a Lindt Consultant.  Not a clue how that will work out...  It is just another way to earn money by working at home.  I think it's free.  hehe  Maybe I should have read a little more about it.  Anyway, you get your own website and stuff.  I will have to post more about this when I have more information.  I do love chocolate, though!  All chocolate, but especially Lindt chocolate!

I do wonder why this ad was following me around, though.  I mostly only write about writing online, but I guess I write about earning money at home, so this would qualify.  As long as it is free, it sounds pretty exciting.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

In a Slump

I know I said I would give factoidz one last try, but I haven't yet.  I am in a slump right now.  It is so discouraging being rejected.  I will, though.  I am still trying to think of something to write about that will be totally different than anything I have ever written about before.  I have to!  Otherwise, they may reject it for being duplicate content again. 

It kind of makes me really mad that factoidz would insinuate that I would ever be so stupid as to submit anything which would be duplicated, but it also makes me want to try even harder to prove that I can write there.  Other people write there, and I have seen so many bad articles.  Articles using I, me, and my...  misspelled words, and just plain junk.

It was quite a shocker that ehow suddenly quit paying, too.  I sold all my articles that I wrote there.  It feels weird, like a part of me is gone!  ehow is where I first started writing.  Those were my first works, and they made good money, too.  Oh well, it's time to move on...  I should probably delete all their links.  Those articles won't earn me anything anymore, only ehow.

I need to write more articles on List My Five, too.  I am about to fall off from the leader board!  LOL  I really need to catch up there, but I am not really sure why.  I don't even know what is going on there.  I'll probably slap a few articles up on LM5, and then worry about factoidz.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

One Last Try...

OK.  I have tried writing for factoidz.  My 1st article was rejected as duplicated content, which it totally was not.  My 2nd article was published after they made me edit it twice, and my 3rd article was rejected.  I am beginning to feel like a real failure!  Normally, I can write about anything I want and any way I want.  I am not used to rejection.  I have read hundreds of articles on factoidz written by many of their other writers, and I don't see anything special about them.  Sure, some of them have many facts, but there are many others that are just plain articles.  That's what I write...  Just plain articles.

I have been down in the dumps lately and feeling pretty rotten about all of this rejection.  The way I see it is three strikes and I'm out.  I haven't exactly had three strikes yet.  I sort of did, but my 2nd article was published.  It took editing twice, though.  Anyway, that is two strikes for me.  I might as well go for my third, and then I can justifiably put myself out of my misery and write somewhere else.

 I really don't see anything great about writing for factoidz anyway.  It's just that I have alot of great friends who are happily writing articles on that site, and I have heard that they pay pretty well.  My 2nd article has only earned one cent, though, so I really don't see any huge fortune that I will be missing out on there.

So...  here I go!  One last try...