Monday, May 30, 2011


I really enjoy having my own blog.  I never thought I could do this.  I always thought that you had to know stuff to start blogging, but it is easy enough for anyone to do.  You can be professional, be yourself, or whatever.  You can blog about things you know, or even learn about things to blog about.  It all just depends on what your interests are.

I was really scared when I started this blog, but then I started two more blogs shortly afterwards.  Maybe someday these blogs will earn money, but either way, I am enjoying my new experience.  I probably should post more often.  LOL  That might bring in some new readers. 

Well, that's why I am posting now.  It has been awhile since I wrote anything in this blog.  I know people are reading it.  They are probably looking for ways to earn money by working at home.  I am in such a slump right now, though.  It is hard to think about what to try next.  I really enjoy writing articles online, but LM5 (ListMyFive) just isn't working out right now.  I have only earned $4.44 so far this month with 153 articles.  That is pretty low earnings. 

For now, I am trying to at least write a few articles on List My Five each month, stay on the leader board, and stay on the featured member board.  So far, that is going well.  It is kind of sick how easy it is to get on the leader board and to be a featured member, though.  LOL  There really is not much competition on LM5...

Oh well...  I am off to think...  Think, think, think...  I know something really great is out there, and I AM going to find it!  There are many people who work at home and earn really great money.  I plan on being one of those people, and letting you all know how to do it, too.  I will post again soon.

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  1. Hi snowfence. I hope everything is going well for you. I am starting bloggers also. Since list my five deleted my first account. I do have a second account and hoping that they don't delete that. I am under clarbear there. I think I am going to write a little bit more here. I am still going to write for list my five under my second account but probaly not as much. That depends though.