Monday, May 16, 2011


No, I still haven't written another article for factoidz yet.  LOL  I know.  I said I would try one more time.  It is on my 'to do' list.  Meanwhile though, I did make the Leader Board again on LM5.  That was first on my list anyway. 

I also joined another writing site.  I haven't written anything there yet, either.  The site is called skyword, and I had to apply to prove myself worthy to write there.  I was accepted.  The problem there is that I had joined the health and beauty section which means that is all I can write about.  The only topics available seem to be beauty topics.  I don't know anything about beauty!  Maybe after posting this, I will go see if any topics have come up for health.  I could write about health easy enough.

Then, there is this other writing site I have been looking into.  It's called seekyt.  I don't know...  LOL  What kind of name is that?!  This online writing site works along with google adsense.  That means I would need to earn at least $100 before getting paid.  I don't know if I will ever earn $100, so it is not all that appealing to me right now.  I almost joined, and I probably will.  I guess it can't hurt.

Also, after posting on my other two blogs, I noticed the same ad on each blog right under my new posts.  This ad was for chocolate lovers.  I couldn't resist.  I went directly to their site, read it over a bit, and signed up to be a Lindt Consultant.  Not a clue how that will work out...  It is just another way to earn money by working at home.  I think it's free.  hehe  Maybe I should have read a little more about it.  Anyway, you get your own website and stuff.  I will have to post more about this when I have more information.  I do love chocolate, though!  All chocolate, but especially Lindt chocolate!

I do wonder why this ad was following me around, though.  I mostly only write about writing online, but I guess I write about earning money at home, so this would qualify.  As long as it is free, it sounds pretty exciting.


  1. Hey! I am a fellow writer over at LM5 and linked to your blog through your profile there. I just wanted to let you know that Seekyt is also optimized for Amazon Associates, so a product is placed at the bottom of your article and you can earn a commission on it if someone clicks through to Amazon and purchases it (or anything else for that matter within 24hrs). See my article for an example:

  2. Thanks sinclair! That is awesome! I am still wondering exactly how that works. Do you just have one ID for amazon associates or do you need to create a different one for each page or site? lol Like I got one for infobarrel and I don't quite understand if it is only for use on infobarrel or what.

    Your article looks really great! You should have people clicking on that once in a while, too. :D

    Don't I remember you from eHow, too?