Sunday, April 3, 2011

Helping Others Around the World to Earn Money Working at Home

So far, this blogging is going well.  I haven't made any money on it yet, but it is still new.  I seem to be getting at least some page views.  I am not sure if anyone is actually reading it or following, though.  I really do hope that someday this blog will help someone, somewhere.

Yesterday, I started a new blog for keeping all of my articles in one spot.  Anyone who clicks on my profile will see it there.  I am still working on it, because I have written about 250 articles so far.  Even that blog has been getting some page views already, and I haven't even tweeted it or shared it with anyone.  By the way, as far as friends and family, do not expect them to read your articles.  They really do not care.  If they do, you are really quite lucky.

The Top Five Reasons Family and Friends Do Not Respect Work at Home Writing Businesses

 You are better off tweeting your articles, using Digg, or sharing them in other ways than using family and friends.

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