Friday, April 29, 2011

OK... Now I am Excited Again!

Joining Factoidz was a really huge thing for me to do.  Factoidz is for professional writers.  They don't just accept anyone on their site.  You need to apply to write for Factoidz OR you can use another writer's referral link.  By using a referral link, you do not need to apply.  This is the best way to join.

I do not consider myself a professional writer by any means at all.  I have written articles online, but anyone can do that.  I joined Factoidz through a referral link, and I am now really excited!  It took a bit of work to write my first article which they tossed as trash and claimed that it was duplicated content.  Then, I wrote my second article which I had to edit twice.  It turns out that all they wanted was for me to add more facts.  That was easy!  Here is the link to my first article that I actually published on Factoidz:

 How to Get Over Your Fear of Birds

I am really excited now that I am finally in with the best writers.  I never would have thought that it would have been so easy!  I even made a dime already just for publishing my first article.  I think I will stay with Factoidz for now, but as a friend suggested, I might also try Hubpages.  I joined Hubpages about a year ago, but I never wrote anything there.  I guess it's the rules.  I really hate rules.  I hate reading the rules, learning the rules, and I hate following the rules...

If anyone else would like to consider joining Factoidz, here is my Referral Link.

Oh, by the way, eHow must have had another sweep.  I am missing another two of my articles there.  I still have 63 of them, though.

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