Wednesday, May 4, 2011

One Last Try...

OK.  I have tried writing for factoidz.  My 1st article was rejected as duplicated content, which it totally was not.  My 2nd article was published after they made me edit it twice, and my 3rd article was rejected.  I am beginning to feel like a real failure!  Normally, I can write about anything I want and any way I want.  I am not used to rejection.  I have read hundreds of articles on factoidz written by many of their other writers, and I don't see anything special about them.  Sure, some of them have many facts, but there are many others that are just plain articles.  That's what I write...  Just plain articles.

I have been down in the dumps lately and feeling pretty rotten about all of this rejection.  The way I see it is three strikes and I'm out.  I haven't exactly had three strikes yet.  I sort of did, but my 2nd article was published.  It took editing twice, though.  Anyway, that is two strikes for me.  I might as well go for my third, and then I can justifiably put myself out of my misery and write somewhere else.

 I really don't see anything great about writing for factoidz anyway.  It's just that I have alot of great friends who are happily writing articles on that site, and I have heard that they pay pretty well.  My 2nd article has only earned one cent, though, so I really don't see any huge fortune that I will be missing out on there.

So...  here I go!  One last try...


  1. I haven't published anything on the site yet. I do go there and BuzzUp and Vote for articles. Hope it works out for you.

  2. Thanks! That's about all I do now, too. Well, I vote up 5 articles a day, but that's all you get is 5 votes.

    I'm not out just yet. I need to think of something totally original, though, so they won't destroy it & call it duplicated again.