Saturday, May 7, 2011

In a Slump

I know I said I would give factoidz one last try, but I haven't yet.  I am in a slump right now.  It is so discouraging being rejected.  I will, though.  I am still trying to think of something to write about that will be totally different than anything I have ever written about before.  I have to!  Otherwise, they may reject it for being duplicate content again. 

It kind of makes me really mad that factoidz would insinuate that I would ever be so stupid as to submit anything which would be duplicated, but it also makes me want to try even harder to prove that I can write there.  Other people write there, and I have seen so many bad articles.  Articles using I, me, and my...  misspelled words, and just plain junk.

It was quite a shocker that ehow suddenly quit paying, too.  I sold all my articles that I wrote there.  It feels weird, like a part of me is gone!  ehow is where I first started writing.  Those were my first works, and they made good money, too.  Oh well, it's time to move on...  I should probably delete all their links.  Those articles won't earn me anything anymore, only ehow.

I need to write more articles on List My Five, too.  I am about to fall off from the leader board!  LOL  I really need to catch up there, but I am not really sure why.  I don't even know what is going on there.  I'll probably slap a few articles up on LM5, and then worry about factoidz.

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